Humanitarian Relief
NIZAM has a joint venture with Alpinter Relief Supplies in the Humanitarian Relief Business. It has over a decade worth of successful partnership that today represents a symbol of trust and a leading vendor to humanitarian aid organizations.

Our Humanitarian Relief Business has played a key role in numerous relief efforts for natural disasters and contingencies worldwide such as earthquakes, tsunamis and military surges, providing an immediate response to all Global Humanitarian Aid Organizations and Governments. We specialize in manufacturing, sourcing, stocking non-food relief supplies.

We maintain and operate a chain of global warehouses for the storage of emergency relief supplies; we also facilitate in logistical and emergency air transportation services for humanitarian aid organizations enabling rapid response of relief supplies to be transported at shortest possible time.

Our strength lies in our flexibility and enhanced networking in both the local market as well as the global arena. Nizam has logistical efficiencies that allows it to mobilize our services in every corner of the globe on very short notices due to our global warehousing presence.

Warehousing in 5
continents and Manufacturing in 4